Riddle of the mounth
Where is the map from?
The drawing which appears on the left of the picture is a world map which was drawn 500 years ago. It was drawn by Heinrich Bünting who wanted to express his love for Jerusalem and therefore placed it in the center of the map between Asia, Europe and Africa.
America, the new continent, is peeping on the left-hand corner, at the bottom.
An original copy of the map is stored at the National Library in Jerusalem. 
The picture on the right was taken in Jerusalem. It is a mosaic made of ceramic tiles of the (or Bünting’s)  map by the Artist Armand Drian.
The mosaic was dedicated in honor of Azriel Zelig Hoyzdorf, a Jerusalem pioneer and philanthropist in the 19th Century.
In which site in Jerusalem can the ceramic mosaic of Bünting be found?
Mahne Yehuda Market
Jerusalem Municipality
The western wall (haKotel)
King David Hotel