Riddle of the mounth
Where is this flour mill located?
As you know, Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel.
But this was not always the case…
Up until 200 years ago, Jerusalem was a tiny city that was surrounded by a wall and the people who lived there were poor. Entire families would live in one-room apartments.
Meanwhile, an industrial revolution was taking place around the world and the first steam locomotive was invented in England. The passage between countries was suddenly much easier, and as a result Jewish people from all over the world started travelling to Jerusalem.
The city was small and crowded, and there was no choice but to start building more neighborhoods in Jerusalem, outside of the city walls.
Little by little, more and more new neighborhoods were built in Jerusalem outside of the city walls and Jerusalem became the largest city in Israel.
The picture shows the first neighborhood, that was built in 1860. Which neighborhood is it and which picture in the answers shows the neighborhood?
Mahane Yehuda neighborhood
Mishkenot Sha'ananim neighborhood
Nahalat Shiva’a neighborhood
Bet David neighborhood