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The Star of David (Magen David)
Does it relates to King David?
Magen-David – The symbol composed of two equilateral triangles, placed one on the other conversely, currently serves as both the Jewish and national symbol.
The name “Magen-David” is first mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud as the name of a blessing “blessed art thou oh Lord our God, Magen David (Pesachim 5117 page 72). Pursuant to Jewish tradition, King David bore the symbol of Magen-David on his Shield. This is based on the fact that in ancient Hebrew script, the letter ד was recorded like a triangle and King David joined the two letters ד and ה of his name together, thus creating the symbol that is familiar to us.
During a later period, the Magen David reappeared as a Jewish symbol on tombstones in Italy and Spain during the 6th - 9th Centuries C.E. In the 16th Century, already Jewish many communities used it as a symbol. After the expulsion of the Jews from Vienna in 1700, the exiles carried the symbol with them to various countries and, since then, it has been used in synagogues as well.
The inclusion of the Magen-David into the State of Israel’s flag was made under the inspiration of David Wolfson, who was a close aide of Herzl. Wilson also asked to color the flag blue-white, as the colors of the Tallit and to incorporate the symbol of the Star of David in the flag. At the18th Zionist Congress, held in 1933, it was established that this design would serve as the flag of the Zionist Movement and, on the establishment of the state, it was decided that the flag would serve as the State of Israel’s flag.
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